Round Up: Mobile Devices

These days, there’s an app for everything, so it comes as no surprise that mobile devices have penetrated the payments industry. Merchants are accepting payments on smartphones, consumers are using mobile phones to make purchases, and mobile is a crucial channel in the overall omnichannel experience. We’ve rounded up some blog posts that demonstrate the power of mobile.

mobile devices

Mobile era

First, a little perspective on the proliferation of mobile devices: there are 6.8 billion cell-phone subscriptions on this earth – that’s nearly as many people on this earth (7 billion). Mobile devices are definitely here to stay. Click to read Parts One, Two, and Three in our mobile era series.

Stats & facts

Numbers don’t lie. The below blog posts contain some enlightening statistics on mobile usage and popularity.

Mobile strategy

With so many of your existing and potential consumers using mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to have a mobile strategy. First, part of your mobile strategy needs to be to optimize for mobile users; check out this post on 11 Tips for Designing a Mobile and Tablet-Friendly eCommerce Site. Next, since so many customers are already on their mobile devices, increasing mobile engagement can really give your business a boost; this post provides some tips on how to increase engagement. Lastly, investing in mobile makes a huge impact; mobile is an important channel in the overall omnichannel experience and can help you increase sales.

Card readers

Card readers allow merchants to easily accept payments on the go, in the field, or at the job site. Check out these 4 Reasons to Accept Mobile Payments and read this overview to learn how the card reader is a powerful payment tool for your business.

Contactless payments

As payments become more and more frictionless, contactless payments grow more popular. For a brief summary of how this modern payment method came to be, click to read Contactless Payments, A History. If you’re more interested in how it works, you’ll want to know about NFC – the technology that facilitates contactless payments. One of the more well-known mobile payment methods is Apple Pay, which launched in Canada just this year. To learn more about Apple’s mobile payment solution, give Accepting Apple Pay in Canada a read.

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