Your brand power, our technology engine


The first of its kind in the payments industry and exclusive to our partner network, Payfirma’s omnichannel payments platform is now a white label digital solution. We enable frictionless payment processing from the brand your members trust.

A win-win solution...

white label platform


  • A stronger front-line staff connection and commitment that increases member conversions and revenue
  • A brand boost every time your members log into the market’s most innovative payments platform
  • A smooth implementation with product training, marketing support, and seamless onboarding


  • One-stop payments shop – no more piecing together a portfolio of services from different vendors
  • A dynamic dashboard to easily access up-to-the-second data from every payment channel
  • Faster funding (as fast as 1-2 business days) with a dedicated merchant account

The platform and people behind it all

In addition to processing payments, our platform also provides payment data and insight, empowering your members to run a smarter business. You get a true partner in Payfirma; from security to support, our team is available 24/7 for you and your members.

24/7 support

24/7 support

You, your employees, and your members get help when it’s needed. Whether it’s billing inquiries or technology updates, we pride ourselves on fast, efficient, and reliable customer support through dedicated phone lines and email to ensure there’s no interruption to your members’ business.

Safety and security

Safety and security

We take care of PCI compliance so your members don’t have to. They can rest assured that every transaction processed through our secure platform is encrypted, access is always tokenized, and payment information is safely stored in our Customer Vault for easy billing.

Omnichannel payments platform

Omnichannel payments platform

From Web Terminal to Invoicing to Recurring Billing, your members will be able to accept credit cards however their customers want to pay – all from one innovative platform. Our reporting tools give members both a holistic view as well as clarity into each payment channel (Mobile, eCommerce, Web Terminal, Recurring Billing, and Invoicing).

As easy as 1-2-3

Start taking advantage of Payfirma’s white label platform today.


1. Customize your platform

Fully customize the experience with your brand by uploading your logo, selecting your color scheme, and choosing a sign-in screen image.


2. Boost your brand

Create a unique branded experience for your members each time they log in and see your brand instead of some other financial institution.


3. Get full visibility

Maintain line of sight by tracking your customer referrals and accounts that go live with regular reporting packages.

Central 1

Payfirma has a Master Agreement with Central 1, the main financial facility and trade association for B.C. and Ontario credit unions serving over 3.3 million members. By partnering with Payfirma, you’ll be able to leverage the operational scale and buying power of all the credit unions who have partnered with us for increased revenue share, reduced member pricing, as well as credit union and member-centric product development.

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