We value your security as much as you do. Our team works continuously to protect the security of your account, and we take steps every day to provide a secure payment experience for our merchants. We meet all industry standards for security and encrypt our hardware to protect your payment data. Our Payment Advisors help you identify key areas of weakened security and suggest products that will help decrease any risk of fraud.

User-friendly security.

Every transaction made on a Payfirma powered device is as secure as possible. And you don’t have to do anything to get it! Payfirma is PCI-compliant and uses the same 128-bit encryption as the big banks around the world. Here’s how security works for each Payfirma product:

  • Payfirma Mobile Payments are secure and PCI Compliant. Payment data or card information is never stored on the device. Ever.
  • Payfirma Online Solutions (Web Terminal, Recurring Billing, eCommerce) are PCI Compliant and SSL certified. We fully support Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode, giving your business added protection against fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. We handle security for you so you can give your customers that extra confidence in purchasing online.
  • Payfirma Traditional Terminals are EMV Level 1 and Level 2 Type Approved with SSL and VeriShield file authentication. This means simple, secure, and fraud-free in-store POS payments for your business.
  • Payfirma’s Web Platform is safely stored in the cloud for the ultimate in protection and accessibility. Know that wherever you login to manage your business, you’re doing it safely.


We talk about being PCI Compliant – let us explain what that means to you. PCI DSS stands for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It’s an information security standard that helps reduce credit card fraud. Payment companies who get certified pay a certain fee for all this security. Some companies pass PCI certification fees to their customers – we don’t. You can sleep tight knowing that your data and your customer’s sensitive payment info are safe and secure, at no extra cost to you.


We’ve integrated SSL encryption in Payfirma online solutions. By using encryption, we minimize the chances of someone possibly intercepting username/password combinations and/or other sensitive information.

Data and network security.

Payfirma servers that power our payment systems are designed to be fully redundant and maintainable without impact to operations, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Accesses to Payfirma networks are strictly monitored with entry and usage log reviews on a regular basis.

The highest standards for quality control.

Payfirma payment products are all developed in-house in our headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. This means we get to keep a close eye on the solutions we design from idea to market. All products go through rigorous quality testing and security review, protecting you and your customers.

Security is a community effort.

We’re constantly working to make sure our system is as secure as possible. If we missed something that you uncover, please submit the issue to [email protected]. Once we verify the issue, we’ll send you some Payfirma swag as a sign of our appreciation!