PayHQ: One Platform:
Many Ways to Get Paid

Since 2010, we’ve made it easy for people to operate and grow their businesses. To do that, we’ve built one of the most innovative payments platforms in the market. PayHQ makes it simple to accept any kind of payment, any way you want to do business, and creates a single view of all your payment information so that you can make smarter decisions. Today, we process payments for thousands of happy business owners across North America.

PayHQ is a robust end-to-end payment acceptance solution that handles authorization, settlement and funding.

It allows merchants to accept payments by Point of Sale, Web Terminal, Mobile, eCommerce, and allows for Invoicing, Recurring Billing and Integrations on one merchant platform with a single merchant number.

Features and Benefits


Web Terminal

Our Web Terminal lets you process transactions, authorizations, or refunds and automatically send your customer a receipt in seconds using your computer.


Card Terminals

Seamlessly integrate your card terminals with PayHQ, with our omni-channel offering, to accept credit, debit, and other payment methods using both contactless and mobile for in-person transactions.



Save time and headaches and easily customize and email invoices with your company branding and product line items. Your customers can click a link to pay and receive a receipt, and you can track payment statuses in real time.


White label

The first of its kind in the payments industry and exclusive to our partner network, PayHQ is now a white label digital solution. We enable frictionless payment processing from the brand your customers trust.


Integrations API

Integrate your shopping cart, hosted payment page, or eCommerce platform with our open API and start securely accepting payments in your digital environments.


Customer Vault

Tokenize your customer information for a later date, and avoid repeatedly asking your customers for their credit card information. Upload your customer list with a CSV file, or input new customers right into the vault.


Reporting and Dashboards

With PayHQ, you can stay on top of your business with complete robust reporting for all of your transactions on a single platform- paid, unpaid, mobile, web, ecommerce, recurring, invoicing, overdue payments, total sales, declined payment data in one, single source.



Ongoing compliance with PCI DSS is critical to maintaining a strong defence against compromises of cardholder data. Payfirma is PCI DSS-compliant, so your customers’ sensitive information is safely stored, reducing the risk of compromised payment data.


Roles and Permissions

Create multiple user accounts and assign roles to your team members (Admin, Sales and Reporting) and control permissions of each user account. Filter your transactions report by sales person to manage and reward your team.



We are known for creating a memorable customer experience with our progressive support model.

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