Get a payment system makeover

Simplify and streamline your beauty and wellness business.

Get paid faster. Delight your clients.

Get paid faster. Delight your clients.

Make it easy for clients to keep coming back
With our Customer Vault and Recurring Billing tools, you can set up your regular clients with automatic payments and digital invoicing using securely stored credit card info.

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Bring your service to your clients
Whether it’s house calls or special events, equip each of your employees with their own account and card reader so they can do business wherever the customers are.

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Fast terminals for your fast-paced business
Our traditional terminals are great for salons, gyms, clinics, and more! Accept EMV (chip-and-pin) and NFC (near-field communication) and provide a quick checkout for your clients.

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Shave off administrative time

Shave off administrative time

Whether you’re cutting, training, healing, or styling, our payment tools automate administrative tasks so you have more one-on-one time with your clients.

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Run a client-friendly business

Run a client-friendly business

Save client billing info in Customer Vault for quicker transactions, send digital invoices after each appointment for easy billing, or set up an eCommerce site for online bookings.

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Take a tour

Take a tour

Take a walk through of some of our most popular features including Web Terminal, Mobile, Invoicing, and our award-winning PayHQ platform. We’ll show you how easy it is to process payments using Payfirma’s omnichannel solutions.

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It's time for a payment system makeover

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