Payfirma Partner FAQs

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Software Integration Partnership

We offer a revenue share program that increases as the total processing volume of referred merchants grows. We also offer a competitive rate structure, which is lower than the flat rates that other processors (aggregators) use; in our experience, lower rates attract more clients, resulting in more revenue for you. Additionally, our goal is to secure your clients’ terminal business as well (they’ll have one convenient payment provider, instead of two different vendors), which can significantly increase your overall revenue share.
Payfirma’s API allows you to integrate a complete payment solution into your system. Our RESTful API offers an easy build experience by using HTTP & JSON messaging protocol with the same message and response formats you would see in APIs from companies like Slack and Google. When working with the Payfirma API, you can rest assured that all of your financial and customer data is handled in a secure and PCI-compliant manner. Payfirma’s API follows a standard code structure that’s easy for your developers to work with. Our intuitive features make it simple to manage saved customer information in our Customer Vault and maintain recurring billing plans.
Yes, of course! Once you’re signed up with us, we’ll set your developers up with a sandbox account to test. In the meantime, take a look at our API documentation here .
You don’t have to worry about PCI compliance; every transaction processed through our API is tokenized and encrypted. You are fully PCI-compliant and protected when you’re building with the Payfirma API. For further reading about PCI compliance, check out this document.
Payfirma offers award-winning support for your developers, your customers, and your employees:

  • For your developers, our product team is on hand before, during, and after to support your integration process.

  • For your customers, we offer 24/7 phone and email support, as well as an online support center for self-serve resolution.

  • For your sales employees, we provide product training about Payfirma’s payment solutions, platform, and integration.

Payfirma specializes in software integrations and we take our partnerships very seriously. We grow when you grow, so we do everything possible to help our partners maximize market penetration and increase revenue growth. We do this by offering:

  • Line of sight – you get regular tracking and reporting on your customer referrals, as well as updates on live accounts.

  • Omnichannel payments – we offer true full-service payments with the ability to capture your clients’ traditional terminal business as well (and we share that revenue with you too).

  • Dedicated merchant accounts for your client base – having their own merchant account reduces funding delays, which means a better customer experience for your clients and higher retention rates.

  • Marketing support to increase account penetration.

We provide customized marketing collateral, campaigns, and initiatives to increase account penetration and conversions – and ultimately your revenue. These may include co-branded email campaigns and landing pages, as well as existing Payfirma content (blog posts and resources).
Through our partnership, we work together with you to develop preferred rates for our shared clients. From interchange plus to MDR pricing to a flat rate when it makes sense, we’re able to offer a variety of pricing options. In our experience, being flexible to the needs of the individual merchants and offering a competitive pricing structure will attract more customers, as we will likely save them more money in fees than if they went with a higher-rate aggregator, like Square, who only offers flat rate pricing.
Typically customers can start processing payments within 3-5 business days of sign up.
Our goal is to provide a smooth and seamless referral experience for you. You have two referral options: an internal referral API on your sign up page (which will send us the customer’s information for follow-up) or a landing page with a form for referrals to fill out.
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Financial Institution Partnership

Payfirma specializes in software integrations and development catered to credit unions and their members’ needs. We also have a partnership with Central 1, the main financial facility and trade association for B.C. and Ontario credit unions serving over 3.3 million members. As a Payfirma partner, you’ll get:

  • Increased brand power through an innovative co-branded platform that lets you offer a cohesive value-added member experience.

  • Innovation in payments with our co-branded platform, omnichannel payment channels, and banking integration.

  • Greater account conversions and member penetration through rapid approval and activation.

  • Marketing support to increase market penetration.

  • Seamless implementation with front-line staff training.

  • Omnichannel payments to increase revenue share through member business growth.

  • A cutting-edge banking integration that allows you to incorporate client data into your payment service.

The Payfirma and Central 1 partnership enables credit unions – both big and small – to join together and act as one entity; what benefits one credit union benefits the whole. By partnering with Payfirma, you’ll be able to leverage the operational scale and buying power of all the credit unions who have partnered with us for increased revenue share, reduced member pricing, as well as credit union and member-centric product development.

Both Central 1 and Payfirma have the shared goal of helping credit unions grow and succeed, which is why Payfirma is committed to collaborating with Central 1 on integration projects and future development that will better serve credit unions and their members’ needs.
Payfirma offers your members:

  • seven innovative ways to accept payments online, in-store, or on the go from one single co-branded platform.

  • 24/7 award-winning support via phone and email.

  • the ability to offer a world-class buying experience to today’s savvy buyer.

  • invaluable payment data and insights via a detailed dashboard.

  • reduced member pricing.

  • a secure customer vault to safely store customer information.

Our revenue share program is simple. We will pay you a percentage of the net revenue generated from your referred member. As the total processing volume of referred merchants grows, so will the percentage. Please contact us for more details.
We’re here for you whenever you need us with award-winning support for both your members and employees:

  • A dedicated support phone line for your in-branch employees

  • 24/7 technical support via email and phone for your members.

  • A designated contact for implementation support and help.

  • A dedicated Enterprise Payment Advisor to handle your high-touch members.

Payfirma offers customized marketing support via on-demand resources, collateral, and collaborative email campaigns.
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