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Payfirma has been partnering with some of the most progressive financial institutions in the market for years. Partnering with Payfirma gives you access to innovative payment technology, increased revenue, and dedicated support that you and your members can count on.

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Why partner with Payfirma?


White label platform

Payfirma allows you to offer a more trusted, cohesive, and value-added member experience with our white label payments platform. You'll get tremendous brand benefit every time your members log in.


Central 1 partnership

Our Central 1 partnership empowers credit unions with increased benefits like higher revenue share, reduced member pricing, and innovative development specific to credit unions and their members' needs.


Innovative payments

Payfirma meets your members’ unique payment needs (across all industries) with 7 innovative ways to get paid. We also offer a cutting-edge banking integration that allows financial institutions to incorporate client data into their payment service.


Dedicated support

We offer award-winning support for your members and employees, with dedicated phone lines, on-demand resources, training programs, and 24/7 technical support. You and your members get help when you need it.


Increased revenue

From a one-stop payments shop for your members to marketing support, we ensure that we’re doing everything possible to increase conversions and market penetration to maximize revenue for our partners.


Easy implementation

We take a hands-on approach to equipping your front-line employees with the necessary tools to be successful. Through product training, employee enablement and marketing initiatives, we increase the quantity and efficiency of referrals, as well as expedite the onboarding process.

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Payfirma White Label Platform


The first of its kind in the payments industry and exclusive to our partner network, Payfirma’s omnichannel payments platform is now a white label digital solution. We enable frictionless payment processing from the brand your members trust.

Some common questions...

Payfirma specializes in software integrations and development catered to credit unions and their members’ needs. We also have a partnership with Central 1, the main financial facility and trade association for B.C. and Ontario credit unions serving over 3.3 million members. As a Payfirma partner, you’ll get:
• Increased brand power through an innovative white-labeled platform that lets you offer a cohesive branded member experience.
• Innovation in payments with our white-label platform, omnichannel payment channels, and banking integration.
• Greater account conversions and member penetration through rapid approval and activation.
• Marketing support to increase market penetration.
• Seamless implementation with front-line staff training.
• Omnichannel payments to increase revenue share through member business growth.
• A cutting-edge banking integration that allows you to incorporate client data into your payment service.
The Payfirma-Central 1 partnership enables credit unions – both big and small – to join together and act as one entity; what benefits one credit union benefits the whole. By partnering with Payfirma, you’ll be able to leverage the operational scale and buying power of all the credit unions who have partnered with us for increased revenue share, reduced member pricing, as well as credit union and member-centric product development.

Both Central 1 and Payfirma have the shared goal of helping credit unions grow and succeed, which is why Payfirma is committed to collaborating with Central 1 on integration projects and future development that will better serve credit unions and their members’ needs.
Payfirma offers your members:
seven innovative ways to accept payments online, in-store, or on the go from one single white-labeled platform.
• 24/7 award-winning support via phone and email.
• the ability to offer a world-class buying experience to today’s savvy buyer.
• invaluable payment data and insights via a detailed dashboard.
• reduced member pricing.
• a secure customer vault to safely store customer information.
Our revenue share program is simple. We will pay you a percentage of the net revenue generated from your referred member. As the total processing volume of referred merchants grows, so will the percentage. Please contact us for more details.
Fintech Company of the Year

Fintech Company of the Year

Payfirma was named “Fintech Company of the Year” by the Digital Finance Institute.

Customer Service Excellence


Payfirma was a winner in Frost & Sullivan's 2016 Customer Service Excellence Recognition Program.

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