Round Up: Intro to Payments Edition

The payment processing industry is often hard to understand, which is why we’ve rounded up six resources that are a great place to begin your intro to payments.

Card present & Card not present

Among the basics of payment processing is what type of transaction you are processing. It is either card present or card not present. This is important because the type of transaction can affect how much you pay in credit card processing fees.


Contactless technology is all around us. In bus passes, in key fobs, and of course, in our mobile devices. NFC is the way that devices talk to each other to facilitate mobile payments. This blog post is a great primer on the technology that underpins mobile and tap and pay payments.

Apple Pay


While the actual process of accepting a credit card takes only a few seconds, the process on the back-end is a little more complicated. Authorization is what happens behind the scenes to approve or decline a credit card transaction. Learn about the process here.


Did you know there are two types of payment processors? Once you decide to accept credit cards, you can either go with an aggregator or a merchant account provider. While they both process credit cards, they differ in many ways.

Payment Processing 101

For a more comprehensive exploration of the payments industry, we crafted an eBook that delves into the nuances of payment processing in more detail. Download Payment Processing 101: A Merchant’s Guide to All Things Payments to learn about everything from the payments landscape to the future of payments, and everything in between.

Merchant account application

Whether you’re ready to apply for your own merchant account or you’re just curious about what documents you need to have ready for the application, these post outlines what you need to have on hand when your merchant account provider walks you through the process.

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