Privacy Policy

We know there is a lot to read, but you really want you to know one thing: Your business, personal information, and data is not for sale.
It’s important to us at Payfirma that you understand your fees, costs and rights when it comes to accepting payments. Although our explanations may have technical jargon, or get caught up in legalese, the data your business creates is to help you grow, not us.

What We Collect

The data we need.

Because of the use of merchant accounts, we require several pieces of your personal information before you can start accepting credit cards. We ask for your business’s average sales to check against the amounts you process with us, this is simply a pre-cautionary measure searching for risks such as chargeback and fraud.
Your business’s bank account is used to set up direct deposit, ensuring you get your money as quickly as possible. We also keep this information for our own accounting purposes and fee collection.
All contact info you supply to us is just that. It is contact info for us to get in touch with you, not to hand out to solicitors or other third party businesses.

The information in our apps.

When you first use one of our mobile apps on your phone or tablet, you’ll be asked about letting Payfirma access parts of your device such as location services, or microphone if you’re using a Card Reader. Although we are tracking your sale locations, this information is only used for receipt display, and the analytics brought to you through Dashboard. The Payfirma Card Reader that is inserted into the audio jack uses the jack’s microphone input as a means to send encrypted card info to our app. We only use the microphone on your device to receive data, not to listen in on your conversations.
As credit card information is moved through the tubes of the Internet, we lock it away in a single-use token that cannot be opened by outside sources and can never be duplicated.
To store a card within our PCI Compliant Customer Vault, you submit full credit card numbers, expiry dates, and security codes. A card inside of Customer Vault can only be requested for a sale or refund; the specific card numbers are never available to anyone thanks to our token.

Ways We Collect

Passive data collection.

When you use PayHQ, we use cookies to keep you logged in. Although cookies can do a variety of things, the cookie we use records your computer’s identity only to keep you logged in and ready to accept payments.

Active data collection.

Payfirma records a lot of information from every transaction; the type, amount, time, date, payment source and merchant who created it. We log and maintain these records on our servers to meet legal requirements around accountability and security.
Currently, we keep all sale and refund data, including inventory and product sales for an indefinite time, extending past the Canadian Revenue Agency’s recommended six years, as well as the Internal Revenue Service’s recommended seven years. This data is available to you and the employees or partners of your choice through PayHQ.
In the extremely unlikely event it is archived, a simple request will produce the information within a single business day.

Using What We Collect

What we get out of it.

Since we only collect data from our end, we optimize and upgrade our products and software based on raw data, not on private information. What raw data we do collect, we use to the benefit of PayHQ and improving our service.
In the event that Payfirma is no longer your payments provider, we will keep all transaction-based data. Our records will be maintained for tax and legal purposes, external audits, as well as any use that you approve.

Customer and Product Information

Information from our services.

Customer Vault allows you to record customer details for professional and personal contact information. This process yields large amounts of data directly related to your customers and their shopping habits. Payfirma does not resale or exchange this information.
With the inventory system of Payfirma POS, you can examine your entire store’s inventory and track those sales from PayHQ. Same as above, we’re not interested in selling off analytics to ad agencies, marketers, or any other type of company. You can view your sales data in various ways, but you alone decide what to do with the information, we only supply it.

Payfirma Policy

Eighteen and Under.

Requirements for merchant accounts make it impossible for anyone under the age of 18 to be a full-fledged independent merchant with Payfirma. This means that we never collect any minor’s personal or banking related information.
We understand that many businesses will employ people under the age of 18, but they are considered additional users to PayHQ, and we never ask for any personal information from those users.
With our mobile app’s debit support, payments can be accepted from anyone with a debit or bank card and their personal information can be stored within Customer Vault.
Though most customers paying with a credit card will be the age of majority, bank cards can be issued to those as young as 12. If you find yourself selling to someone that young, we very strongly recommend that you not take any of their information without their legal guardian’s approval.
Payfirma is not responsible for the information that you as a merchant or business collect from customers, regardless of their age or the legal implications of collection.

Illegal purposes.

Like it or not, money is a huge driver of criminal activity and Payfirma has zero tolerance for the use of our service in any illegal act. If there is a significant number of questionable charges or irregular payments, we will take measures to investigate with or without your approval.
If we are ever contacted by government agencies or police forces over the financial activity of your business, we will examine all of our legal options and do our best to keep you informed at every step along the way.

Contact Us

If at any point in time you have any questions about how your information is being handled, please contact us by phone at 1-800-747-6883 or by email at [email protected].

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on: 10/27/2015