Mobile payments made easy


Why make things harder than they have to be? We put payment processing in every purse and pocket for businesses that are mobile.

Branded email receipts that customers love

Branded email receipts that customers love

Customize email receipts that are unique to your brand, encourage feedback, and promote social interaction. Once the transaction is complete, email receipts straight to your customer’s inbox or print them using a countertop or Bluetooth printer.

One of our key goals is to cut time spent chasing after unpaid invoices. Using Payfirma Mobile, our technicians are able to take payments in the field as soon as work is completed, helping us bring down receivables and access our money faster.
André Soucy – Owner, Haven Home ClimateCare
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Track transactions in real-time

Track transactions in real-time

Easily keep track of popular products, top performing employees, and gross sales. With our cloud-based, secure platform the data is accessible on any device, at any time, wherever you are. Information is power.

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Get a one-stop payment portal that tells all

Get a one-stop payment portal that tells all

PayHQ is a payments platform that houses all your transaction and sales information. Use it to get real-time sales data, and make smarter business decisions about your customers, products, and employees.

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How Mobile Works

In four simple steps, you can accept credit cards
wherever you are.

Step 01
Enter transaction details

Type in a dollar value and description for the transaction.

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Step 02
Charge a customer credit card

Process credit card payments by either swiping a card through the card reader or keying in the card number using the mobile device keyboard.

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Step 03
Capture digital signature

Get your customer to sign on the screen with their fingertip. No need for a pen or paper!

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Step 04
Email a receipt

When the transaction is complete, email your customer a receipt or print one using a countertop or Bluetooth printer.

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