Payfirma API V2: Connecting Cards and Customers

For customers with eCommerce websites and developers building them, we’re happy to announce the new beta version of the Payfirma eCommerce API. This new version was built based on feedback we got from our customer community about how they were working with our current API and some new payment problems that they asked us to solve.

Our new version, API V2, connects customers and cards like the Chain Bridge connected Buda and Pest – providing easier access between the two.


The same security with improved control and simplicity

With this new API, we really focused on the builder experience, making it easier to work with our API while still upholding the same security standards that our customers and their developers expect.

    • Standardized API format: The API is RESTful, structured around HTTP transfer methods with a JSON messaging format, so the standards that have started appearing in all APIs are now reflected with Payfirma. For our customers, this means that your developer is going to be able to understand and use our API right out of the gate.
    • Better password protocol: API V2 is also built to work with an OAuth password management protocol, so development teams building SaaS products with payment features can now use a Facebook-style login to allow their customers to activate payments in those SaaS products.
    • Easier subscription model management: We’ve also built in new operations to make it even easier to manage recurring billing plans and save customer credit cards. It’s now easier than ever to set up and manage subscription-based business models with Payfirma.

There is no need to update your eCommerce website

We’ll continue to support our customers using our current set of APIs and plugins until 2018, at which point we’ll discuss the best way to update your website to ensure there’s no impact or interruption to your sales and revenues.

What’s next?

While the API is still in Beta, we’re going to be actively working with our customers and business partners to improve what the API can do and how easy it is to build with it. This means we need your valued feedback, so please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or ideas once you have decided to build with API V2.

Check out API V2 for yourself and let us know what you think!