Payfirma Bitcoin API

The Payfirma Bitcoin API Beta Program lets you test-drive the software and provide feedback to help make it the best way to accept bitcoin for businesses like yours. Read on for the latest information on the beta release and how you can get started.

What is the Bitcoin API?

With Payfirma’s Bitcoin API, you can build an integration to accept bitcoin that is connected directly to your Payfirma account. Embed it into your eCommerce checkout experience, and you’ll be able to see purchases and refunds made with bitcoin that are automatically exchanged into dollars (USD or CAD) at the moment of purchase and converted at a verified exchange rate. This will allow you to accept a new type of payment in the currency and banking accounts you do business in – all managed in your Payfirma PayHQ central payments management platform.

How does the Beta work?

Working with the API requires a credential from your eCommerce settings in PayHQ: your API Key, which can be found within the eCommerce settings of your PayHQ page. In order to access that setting, you’ll need developer access to PayHQ.Bitcoin API Beta

To sign up as a developer click here.

Getting Started

If you are new to Payfirma, give us a call at 1-800-747-6883 to get set up, and be sure to mention that you would like to accept bitcoin for your business by participating in the beta program. A quick qualification process will tell us whether your business is a good fit.

Providing Feedback

To help us improve the quality and performance of the product, you’ll have access to the Payfirma Development Team to ask questions and provide feedback. When the beta is over, you’ll be one of the first to have access the product.