Customer Story: The World’s Best Plumber Takes Credit Card

Darren, the owner of Yaletown Plumbing, provides world-class service. Darren uses Payfirma to take credit card payments on his iPad. Founded in 2008, Yaletown Plumbing is a residential plumbing service, repair, and installation company whose reputation is built on quality, affordability, experience, and the ability to be there when you need them.Yaletown Plumbing“Our growth to date has been in large part thanks to our level of customer service and attention to cutting edge technologies,” says Darren. “Besides being really fun to use, Payfirma has proven to be less expensive and faster than my previous payment processor.”

Leading by example, Darren and his team aim to break the traditional stigma of the plumbing industry and provide a better experience for his clients. In a plumbing emergency, stress is at an all time high and many people don’t have cash on hand. With mobile payments, service oriented businesses like Darren’s can accept payments on the spot so clients have one less thing to think about.

“We make dozens of service calls daily and all our customers are intrigued when we pull out our iPads to accept credit card payments… it definitely becomes a point of conversation,” says Darren. “To quote Howard Hughes, ‘It’s the way of the future.’”