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Soma Massage Therapy Saves Time with the Jane Integration

“The product itself integrated seamlessly with Jane. I have no problems and no complaints with it.”
— Stephanie Langlais, Owner of Soma Massage Therapy

The Background

Stephanie Langlais of Soma Massage Therapy is a registered massage therapist (RMT), and one of the many that utilize the Payfirma and Jane integration. She helps her patients find balance, achieve postural symmetry, and refocus their energy to alleviate both physical and emotional stressors in their lives. Since Soma’s inception in October 2002, she has handled everything from massage therapy to appointment booking to payment processing herself. When she signed up with Jane, Stephanie found a seamless solution for her business in the Payfirma integration.

The Challenge

Being a one-person business, every second is crucial. Stephanie needed a streamlined and efficient way to manage appointments and quickly process patient payments.

It takes less time to bill at the end of my day than it takes to bill between each person, and I love that. I’m saving time, so I’m saving money. I’m not running behind anymore – that’s beautiful.

The Solution

Enter Jane. Jane is an innovative clinic management software that allows healthcare professionals to book online, schedule, chart, and invoice – all within a single system. Stephanie discovered the software when she was a patient at another clinic that had already implemented Jane. She was impressed by the functionality and signed up with the Jane app when it came out of beta. She was then introduced to Payfirma’s payment processing solutions through the partnership, and it was a perfect fit. In partnership with Payfirma, Jane enables their customers to securely store credit cards on file, accept online booking pre-payments, and allow patients to pay online, at the clinic, or on mobile devices.

Before Payfirma, the way Stephanie accepted payments varied from cash and check (when she was first starting out) to traditional terminals (when she practiced at other clinics). But neither option was ideal for her business. Many patients preferred to pay with credit cards, and “[traditional terminals] are really not a viable solution for most people who are small business owners because the costs are high,” said Stephanie. From there, she went with Square and used the card reader to process credit cards immediately after each appointment. Finally, she switched over to Payfirma when Jane offered it through the partnership.

Getting set up with Payfirma was friction-free. “It felt like it was instant. I remember I applied and by the end of the week, it was all set up. I was taking payments the next Monday; it was very convenient. I’m one of those technologically-challenged people, and it was easy for me.” From the onset, Stephanie was impressed with how smooth it was to use. “Jane is a very intuitive software, and how they integrated with Payfirma is extremely intuitive as well.” She uses the system on both her iPad and phone, and it has been seamless. “I’m pretty picky but there have been zero glitches with the Payfirma and Jane integration.”

Additionally, Stephanie loved the fact that both Payfirma and Jane were local companies. “I think it’s really great that two local companies came together to do amazing things. The customer service is fantastic on both ends. I absolutely love Payfirma – everybody that I spoke to was very clear.”

The Result

For Stephanie, the easy-to-use integration between the Jane app and Payfirma has been invaluable. While most of her client base are recurring patients, they’re not necessarily visiting her on a consistent basis. “They’ll come in, but I may not see them again for a month or maybe I’ll see them in a week,” said Stephanie. So instead of swiping her clients’ cards every time they visit her, Stephanie just inputs the card once and it’s safely encrypted and saved. The ability to securely store credit card information makes it easy for her to quickly and easily bill returning patients whenever they see her.

The time saved makes a world of difference for independent massage therapists like Stephanie who don’t have receptionists or other employees to help them. “I only have 15-minutes between patients, and sometimes I don’t have time to bill the extended health. When she used Square, she had to bill on the spot which meant she needed to take the time to work out exactly what percentage they were paying or what dollar amount was outstanding for them. Now with Payfirma, she can calculate the extended health at the end of the day and just bill the remainder to the card that’s on file, saving her time and effort. “It takes less time to bill at the end of my day than it takes to bill between each person, and I love that. I’m saving time, so I’m saving money. I’m not running behind anymore – that’s beautiful.”

In addition to saving time between appointments, Stephanie’s patients love the fact that they don’t have to pull out their credit cards to pay each time. “It’s great to just be able to say ‘see you next time’ or ‘your receipt will be emailed to you’”. She notes that the interesting thing about health care is that everybody knows that alternative health care costs money, but no one likes spending the money on it. “Payfirma takes that out of the equation; it changes the dynamic of the transaction”. For the majority of her patients, it comes down to convenience. The fact that they can visit her, pay, and receive an email receipt in their inbox without them lifting a finger is a great experience. And for that reason, “a lot of my patients are liking Payfirma a lot more than Square. Overall, the feedback with patients has been absolutely positive.”

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