On the Spot: Mobile Payments for Contractors and Trades Professionals

Just because the work that contractors and trades professionals do has been around for a long time doesn’t mean the way you do business can’t change. The current rule of thumb is that a contractor gets paid when the job is done. That would be fine — if we actually followed that rule in a literal sense. However, most people still use paper invoices and paper bills, which take time to send out, receive and process.

Once an invoice is sent out, it disappears into limbo in the mail system. When it eventually emerges and gets delivered, you then have to count on your customer paying as soon as possible, which is not always the case. Finally, if it is paid by cheque, you need to deposit it and of course the bank will decide to hold it for a period of time to authenticate the payment.

You may call it an ineffective way to do business, but we prefer to call it what it is: a nightmare.

For most contractors and trade professionals, house calls are big part of day to day business. Service calls come in at all hours of the day and in multiple locations. So, what if we were to take this hardship and turn in into a way to save you time in other places? Yes? Good.

Then let’s talk about mobile payments.

By taking payment on your mobile device, you get paid on time, every time. You can take credit card payments on the spot, taxes included, and with an option to tip. It even takes care of the receipt by sending it electronically to the customer for less paperwork.

Regardless whether it’s just you or your team in the field, transaction records should be kept in one place. Use a system that can show your recent sales activity and keep an eye on your whole business right from your phone, saving time and resources.

Beyond that, your customers will appreciate the convenience of not having to worry about bills or invoices. Having mobile payments in your pocket ensures you can give your customers an easy way to pay.

To learn more about mobile payments for contractors and trades professionals, visit our mobile product page.