LemonStand For The Ultimate eCommerce Solution

(Vancouver, BC) May 9th, 2014 — Payfirma, the one-account solution for mobile, online and in-store payments today announced integration with LemonStand, a cloud-based eCommerce platform that empowers larger merchants to build beautifully customized online storefronts. The integration means merchants can use LemonStand’s eCommerce platform to build a seamless online shopping experience while accepting and managing their payments using Payfirma’s multichannel payment API.

“Payfirma offers more than online payments because we know that businesses need to be selling across multiple channels to stay competitive,” says Michael Gokturk, Payfirma CEO. “Larger merchants who want both an online and physical storefront will now have the ability to create a beautifully customized eCommerce site with LemonStand, complete with access to our multichannel payment rails to integrate their online, in-store and mobile payments.”

Unlike other cookie cutter solutions created with the smaller business in mind, LemonStand was designed for the professional online retailer. LemonStand offers a new standard of flexibility including fully customizable and mobile-friendly storefronts, advanced product management and zero transaction fees. By choosing Payfirma to accept and manage their eCommerce payments, online merchants also gain access to a full suite of multi-channel payment products all under one account.

“LemonStand was created to give growing online retailers more options within an easy to use platform,” says Danny Halarewich, LemonStand CEO. “We’re excited to offer our high growth customers a powerful new method to deliver a seamless online shopping experience and the ability to use Payfirma to accept and manage their payments.”

The Payfirma and LemonStand integration is ideal for growing businesses generating more than 150 thousand dollars in annual revenue and that want the ability to securely accept payments online and in their stores. Processing with Payfirma means merchants can also gain access to extra features and solutions like recurring billing, customer vault functionality and reporting.

Accounts with Payfirma and LemonStand are both backed by unlimited customer support. Instructions for the integration are now available through LemonStand and the Payfirma Developers Center so merchants can get started on growing their business today.

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About Payfirma:

Payfirma helps businesses accept card payments online, in store, and on their smartphone under a single merchant account. Our cloud-based payment platform securely processes payments and stores transaction data in one place, making it simple for businesses to use their sales data to make smarter decisions about customers, products, and employees. Fully integrated to accounting systems, point of sale hardware and the top shopping carts and eCommerce platforms, Payfirma make payments simpler and faster by combining superior customer service alongside scalable payment solutions.


About LemonStand:

LemonStand is a free-to-try eCommerce platform that’s built for professional online retailers wanting to grow their business. LemonStand’s intuitive cloud based software lets you implement a beautiful, customized and mobile-friendly shopping experience and includes sophisticated features for retailers and wholesalers not available elsewhere. Backed by unlimited customer support with every account and zero transaction fees, LemonStand is the solution to grow your eCommerce business into something amazing.


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PR Manager, Payfirma
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