Gummi Bears the First Apple Pay Purchase for Vancouver Convenience Store

Merchant surprised by simplicity and ease of use

VANCOUVER, Canada – May 11, 2016 – The day Apple Pay was enabled by CIBC and other banks, Gateway Newsstand at 885 West Georgia Street sold two packs of Gummi Bears in seconds using the mobile wallet alternative.

Customers of Canada’s leading banks can now add their Visa or MasterCard credit card, or Interac debit card, to Apple Pay on compatible Apple devices and start paying for everyday purchases with their phone wherever contactless payments are accepted.

As a merchant in a busy high-rise in downtown Vancouver, John Baik, owner of Gateway Newsstand, sees all types of customers buying everything from snacks, to lottery tickets, to dry cleaning services – and always in a rush. On Tuesday, May 10, he was surprised when one of his regular customers walked in and tapped their iPhone to his Payfirma point of sale terminal to pay for two packages of gummi bears, and the transaction was immediately completed.

“I had no idea I could even accept Apple Pay, but thanks to Payfirma, my point of sale was already set up and ready to accept the payment without any effort. It just worked!” commented Baik. “I trust Payfirma to always be on the leading edge of payments and they never disappoint.”

Payfirma Corp., voted Fintech Company of the Year, is on a mission to enable every merchant, large or small, with an Apple-like in-store experience, an Amazon-like online experience, and a Starbucks-like mobile experience, all from a single merchant account. “The key is to eliminate payment friction for both merchants and consumers,” stated Michael Gokturk, CEO of Payfirma.

“We’re very excited about Apple Pay’s expansion into the Canadian market,” said Gokturk. “With the likes of Bitcoin and mobile wallets, payments are evolving in exciting ways. Our goal is to make sure our platform and our customers are always ready for whatever way shoppers want to pay.”

Financial institutions Canadian Tire Bank and ATB Financial are also offering Apple Pay to their cardholders, and the remaining three banks, Bank of Montreal, Toronto-Dominion Bank, and Bank of Nova Scotia, have noted that Apple Pay is coming soon.

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