Best Marketing Articles For Business Growth June 1-5

Top Articles From Across The Web To Help You Grow Your Business: June 1-5

We’ve searched the web high and low and are pleased to bring you hot new content that will help you in your endeavor to grow your business. From mobile payments to social media, A/B testing and beyond, there is some amazing marketing content here. This week we bring you articles from Practical eCommerce, Unbounce, Hubspot, Kissmetrics, PYMNTS, LemonStand, Wishpond and your’s truly.

Social Media

5 Tools to Plan and Post Social Media Content – Practical eCommerce 

Social media is something every business needs to do but lets be honest, it can be pretty time consuming and often leads to posting boring and stale content – not good. Practical eCommerce shows you how to plan and post on Social Media using 5 different tools.

Content Marketing

 85% of Marketers Fail to Reach SlideShare’s Gigantic Audience – Kissmetrics 

The new Social Media Marketing Industry Report states that 85% of marketers don’t use SlideShare; big mistake. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to create SlideShares and reach wider audiences. This post is filled with stats, facts and actionable content that you will want to implement right away.

5 Pre-Designed PowerPoint Templates for Creating SlideShare Presentations – Hubspot 

While we’re on the topic of SlideShares, here are some pre-designed ones that will help the novice SlideSharer get started.

A Foolproof Method for Creating Content That Converts – Unbounce 

Learn how to use the “skyscraper technique” to create content so valuable it “towers” above the competition – Get it?! Towers above the competition…Anyway, if you want to stand out in your market, this is one way to do it.


Building Customer Loyalty Through Technology – PYMNTS

Customer loyalty- does this still exist? Yes, it does. There are many ways to build it and technology is one of them. Learn how you can do this through mobile technology.


5 Areas To A/B Test On Your eCommerce Homepage – LemonStand

Always be…testing! Increase sales; it’s what every business wants. Learn what to test on your eCommerce homepage so you don’t end up testing things that don’t matter and wasting your time.

Email Marketing

4 Quick Ways To Increase Your Sales With Email Receipts – Payfirma

How could we not include one of our own? Seriously though, there is so much untapped potential to be had through email receipts. Learn how to use them to cross sell, build social proof, conduct feedback and use discount incentives all on your email receipts.

Marketing Tools

The 50 Top Online Marketing Research Tools  – Wishpond

The world of online marketing is constantly changing so you need to stay informed with current and relevant information such as what people are searching for and what kind of content is popular and getting shared. Wishpond has put together an epic list of 50 such tools that can help you stay up to date.


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