Tips for eCommerce Part 1: Design & User Experience

The task of opening up an online store is quite different from opening a physical one. In this blog series we will provide tips for building or optimizing an eCommerce store to ensure your team’s success.

Tip #1: Design & User Experience

Many businesses rush to get their products online and as a result the look and feel of their website tends to be neglected, but design should never be an afterthought. The experience of an online store plays an integral role in the customer’s buying decision.

The design of an online store can affect both the credibility of a business and the amount of sales. The design will communicate the brand message, so it must be consistent with the overall brand image.

At the same time a balance must exist between visuals and functionality. A user’s journey from start to purchase must be seamless and easy to navigate. Make it simple to find products and information on shipping, taxes and returns. Design and functionality should go hand in hand to deliver your website’s ultimate goal: to bring in sales.

To learn more about how to create a successful eCommerce store, download the Merchant’s Guide to Building an eCommerce Store.