Payfirma Revamps Social Receipts™ for Merchants

Awesome news for Payfirma merchants – we’ve revamped your email receipts! Our merchants can now customize the look of their email receipts. Email receipts are already a feature in all Payfirma products – merchants can send digital receipts straight to their customer after every transaction.

We updated the email receipts feature to focus on the idea of receipts as a means for generating sales and building customer relationships. We’ve turned a traditional sales record into an engagement tool. Businesses can interact with their customers after a sale is done and take the buyer-seller relationship to a more personal level.




What to expect from the new Social Receipts™:

  • Upload a logo that will appear at the top of all your email receipts
  • Add your business information such as address, phone number, Tax ID
  • Show a map of where a mobile sale happened
  • Add clickable links to Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp
  • Create a custom note where you can thank customers for their business, inform them of sales, events or offer a discount to encourage a repeat visit

Using receipts to engage customers is a great way for businesses to enhance the customer experience. It gives merchants the extra push to go green and build their brand loyalty.

Click here to learn more about growing your business with receipts.

If you’re not a Payfirma customer yet, you can demo our payment platform and create a receipt. Create a free trial account on, click on Settings and start designing your social receipt.