3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of The Grow Conference

Will you be attending Grow?

We certainly are! Once again we are proud sponsors of such an inspiring event. At Payfirma, we eat, sleep and breathe innovation, which is why we’re so happy to be a part of a conference like Grow.

At an event of this size, there is a lot of information to process. So, we’ve come up with 3 ways to help you get the most out of Grow.

Note Down One Specific Takeaway After Each Talk

What makes the Grow conference so unique and interesting is that every presenter has their own speaking style. Some like to show a video, a set of images or even tell a personal story; whatever the case, there is something you can learn from each and every person there.

At Grow, you’re going to be absorbing a lot of information, the problem is trying to retain it and you don’t want to spend your entire time writing notes and missing the program.

So, at the end of each presentation, we suggest asking yourself, “What was the one point that really resonated with me?” Maybe it was a business tip or an inspirational quote, whatever it may be, note it down. If you can walk away with one key point after each talk, you’re doing good.

Resist Your Inner Introvert and Attend The Activities

There’s going to be some awesome activities going on before and after the Grow talks that we really encourage all to attend. The activities give you a chance to speak with other entrepreneurs that may be going through the same struggles as you and could offer some support and advice.

Or perhaps you’re working on a pitch and just need a new ear to listen. Whatever the case, the activities give you a chance to meet others that could provide you with a new perspective or a bit of encouragement.

However, we know this can be really hard for the introverts in the crowd. If that’s you, here are 2 tips to help you bust out of your shell:

  • Ask questions: Most people love to talk about themselves, their work, and their hobbies. Ask questions like, “What talk are you most looking forward to?” or “What’s been your favourite talk so far?” Follow those questions up with why. 
  • Set a time limit: If an activity says it’s going to be an hour or so, that doesn’t mean you have to attend the entire thing. Go and give yourself 15 minutes, and if you’re still feeling uncomfortable, make your exit. However, we say stay for at least 15 minutes because sometimes all you need is a few minutes to adjust to the environment.

At Grow, there’s going to be many activities to choose from, including a Whisky tasting event, put on by yours truly, that we think is going to be really fun. So come on out, even if it’s for just a few minutes.

Be Prepared

There’s 3 things you should be doing to prepare for the conference.

  1. Know what you want to learn. Take a good look at the agenda and ask yourself what’s the one thing you want to learn at the conference. Use the agenda to write a plan specifically around whatever it is you want to learn.
  2. Make sure you have business cards. No matter how you feel about business cards, there are people that still use them and when someone asks you for yours, you want to make sure you have some.
  3. Schedule networking. If there is someone within your industry that you know is going to be there, set up a time to meet and chat. With so much going on at Grow things can get hectic, so it’s good to have quick meet-and-greets scheduled in before you go.


The Grow Conference is going to be awesome, as always, and by taking our 3 tips into consideration we know you will be getting the most out of it. We hope you have a wonderful time!

AND remember to use our hashtag #GROWwithpayfirma 

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