Payment Tools Part 4: Mobile Card Reader

Taking payments in multiple ways will increase your revenue and improve your customers’ experience. In this series, we’ll explore the many payment channels that can help you grow your business.

Mobile payments are an umbrella term for any type of payment involving a mobile device. For this article, mobile refers to payments taken with a card reader. You can process payments made on mobile devices by consumers (via NFC) with our Traditional Terminals. Our mobile card readers are extremely easy-to-use; just insert the swiper into the audio jack of your mobile device (phone or tablet), and you’re equipped to take payments.

Payfirma tools - mobile

Mobile Benefits

  • Sell on the go

As long as you have your mobile device and card reader, your business is completely portable, which means you can take your business to tradeshows, conventions, farmer’s markets, and more.

  • Take payments on the spot

Instead of waiting for checks to be mailed, chasing late payments, and hounding your customers, you can take payments as soon as the job’s done. This is invaluable for businesses that make onsite repairs, house calls, etc. You’ll get paid faster and see funds in your account within 1-2 business days.

  • Reduce line-ups

In addition to taking your business on-the-go, you also have the option to take mobile payments in store. Instead of being confined behind a stationary checkout counter, turn your salespeople into mobile point of sales, allowing them to roam around the store to better assist customers. 86% of customers will avoid a store if a line-up is too long; by taking mobile payments you can line bust and recover those sales.

Why Payfirma?

  • Email receipts

Email receipts are a great way to improve your customer’s experience. You can send a digital receipt straight to their inbox before they even leave the store. You avoid the problem of misplaced or lost receipts and help save some trees! Our receipts are fully customizable to your unique brand – add your logo, company information, and social media links.

  • Manage employees

You can create individual accounts and specific permissions for each employee. This simplifies the way you manage your employees because you can track individual performance as well as protects your sensitive business data. Your end-of-day duties are streamlined since you can filter transactions by each user and easily reconcile accounts.

  • Access reporting

PayHQ caters to all of your reporting requirements whenever and wherever you are. You can view insights at a glance – by user or place (with geo-location tracking). This is convenient if you manage your business remotely or need to monitor multiple stores. You also have access to sales snapshots over the day, week, or month – all conveniently within the mobile app.

No matter what your business is – big or small, out-in-the-field or in-stores – accepting payments on mobile has the potential to help streamline your work and help you grow your business.

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