How to Capitalize on the Big Changes for Breweries

Loyal craft beer drinkers are always ready to buy good beer… but are YOU ready to sell it to them?

Big changes being adopted this year, thanks to John Yap’s recommendations in the BC Liquor Policy Review, will mean increased opportunity to sell your beer to your biggest fans.  But with 10 new BC breweries popping up in 2013, the market is very competitive.  As the changes are adopted, brewers will be able to sell to the public in new venues such as:

  • Temporary off-site retail locations
  • Farmers markets
  • Competitions and festivals
  • Permanent off-site tasting rooms

How do you make sure you get more than your share of the 339-million dollar market?

One thing is for sure, you need to have the ability to capture every sale regardless of where, when and how the opportunity presents itself and regardless of how that beer lover wants to pay for it! You can do this with an integrated payment process that allows you to be flexible and mobile with the ability to process your customer’s payment on the spot.

We can help. Payfirma makes it easy for your brewery to work with wholesale customers, especially your regular recurring ones and makes capturing sales and payments at trade shows, festivals, competitions and other mobile events a cinch.

We already have several breweries working with us. Here are 3 ways they’re using our payment solutions:

Traditional Terminals

You’ve seen these guys before: they’re the physical terminals used in most retail outlets.  Terminals are a fast, easy way to process payments when the customer is standing in front of you in your permanent retail location.

Web Terminal

For your wholesale customers, the web terminal allows any of your employees with an internet connection to accept a payment. Just enter in a customers credit card information and you’re ready to go.

Mobile Card Payments

This is perfect for special events, beer gardens, trade shows, festivals and other places where you’d never be able to use a wired terminal.  Simply plug in our card reader into your iPhone or Android device and you’re ready to take payment.

We’ve put together pricing specifically for our brewing customers (because we also love beer). This means that you can make the switch and pay the same or less than what you’re currently spending.

Be sure to use the promo code “BEERLOVER” to secure this promotional rate.


The Payfirma Team