Accept payments with a wireless credit card reader!

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We make it super simple and affordable to switch processors or start from scratch.

You have enough things to worry about, and getting paid shouldn’t be one of them. We built the industry’s first Payment Headquarters so that you can take all kinds of payments, any way your customers want to buy. And we built it into one affordable, simple-to-use system.

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Accept any kind of payment with one account.
Give your customers the option to pay however, whenever, and wherever they want.
And make better business decisions about your customers, products, and employees.

One platform: 7 ways to get paid

Businesses that use more than one payment channel generate more revenues.

Payfirma has helped us improve our accounts receivable and cash flow management, made us look professional and helped make keeping client payment information safe, secure, and easy. It has also helped our team members earn great tips after a job is complete!
Chai Phadoemchit – Owner, BungoBox Vancouver

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