Payfirma’s Top Resources of 2016

Payfirma’s Top Resources of 2016

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From eBooks to Finsights to blog posts, we’ve crafted content that helps you navigate the world of payments.

What's Included?

We’ve produced a plethora of great resources and blog content in 2016. As we look back on the year, we’ve hand-picked the best ones and put them into this handy resource. Fill out the form above to download Payfirma’s Top Resources of 2016.

  • Top Payment Processors in Canada: Get to know your options for merchant service providers.
  • Payments Landscape: A snapshot of the ever-expanding payments industry.
  • Payment Processing 101: Your primer to the payments industry.
  • Merchant Account vs. Processing Aggregators: Find out which one best suits your business.
  • Fees: The Anatomy of a Digital Transaction: A comprehensive guide to what you pay to get paid.