Pricing Demystified

The Merchant's Guide to Payment Processing Fees

Pricing Demystified

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Whether you already have a merchant account or are still in the research phase, "Pricing Demystified" is your guide to understanding exactly what you’re paying to get paid.

What's Included?

As the payments landscape evolves and changes, credit cards and other electronic forms of payment have risen in popularity. Businesses that accept credit cards are better equipped to service the modern consumer.

While accepting credit cards comes with a small cost, it offers many benefits and business opportunities. To truly understand your cost of doing business, you need to understand exactly what you’re paying to get paid. This eBook covers everything a merchant needs to know about payment processing fees.

Transaction BreakdownYou’ll learn:

  • The types of fees
  • The pricing models
  • Who gets what from a transaction
  • How fees will differ between types of processors
  • How fees compare between processing volumes