Payment Processing 101

A Merchant’s Guide to All Things Payments

Payment Processing 101

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Whether you’re new to the game or are a seasoned merchant, this eBook will be your go-to payments resource.

What's Included?

Never has there been a more comprehensive guide to the often confusing world of payments. Cash and checks are dying payment forms, and the landscape is shifting so that credit, debit, and other alternative forms of payments are taking the stage – don’t get left behind.

the-path-of-transactionsPayment Processing 101 explores all aspects of payment processing – from the payment methods your customers are demanding to the next generation of payment management systems: omnichannel.

The modern shopping experience has evolved; discover how an omnichannel platform can be deployed across your business to enhance the consumer experience, gain insight, and increase sales. This eBook is a trusted companion in your pursuit of getting paid.

You’ll learn:

  • Precautions against fraud that every business owner needs to know
  • 6 traits to look for in a payment processing partner
  • The path of a transaction and the players involved
  • Pricing and fees: the topic on everyone’s minds
  • The ABCs of NFC, PCI, and EMV