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Vancouver In The Box Increases Revenue 20% With Payfirma

“We have increased our revenue 20% since accepting credit cards with Payfirma. People in the middle of moving have a lot of large expenses and are happy to have the option of paying by credit.”
— Limor Friedman, Founder, Vancouver In The Box

The Background

Limor Friedman started Vancouver In The Box in 2009 when she recognized a need to help Metro Vancouverites alleviate the stress of moving. While many people start the packing process 4-6 weeks ahead, Limor found that for many of her clients, working professionals with small children, this just isn’t possible.

Vancouver In The Box provides a headache-free solution; their team goes to their clients’ house a day before the move and packs up the entire house in an average of 5 hours. Clients then have the option of Vancouver In The Box returning to unpack in the new space.

They have consecutively grown each year since their humble beginnings in 2009 and now have 3 teams with 10 employees.

The Challenge

Tracking down NSF fees from declined cheques proved to be a huge hassle for Vancouver In The Box. Since clients have moved, sometimes even out of the country, they were impossible to track down for payment, resulting in lost sales.

Limor wanted a solution to let her teams take payments on the job and get paid immediately, all while keeping the transaction process simple and fees low.

In addition to working with families, Vancouver In The Box wanted to start packing for commercial companies that prefer to pay by credit card.

Besides accepting mobile payments, there is a lot of valuable data I receive (through Payfirma reporting) such as: where a payment was processed, what’s the average payment size and getting to see where payments take place, right on a map.

The Solution

To Limor, nothing speaks better of a company than a good testimonial. So when she started her research of payment processors, she began by asking friends and fellow business owners who they use and love. Limor came to find that Payfirma was often recommended.

After also looking into Square and what her bank had to offer, Limor felt they did not measure up to what Payfirma provided. Limor believed from the very start Payfirma was a great fit for Vancouver In The Box.

Limor also liked the fact that Payfirma is more than just a payment processor. What appealed to her was that Payfirma has reporting tools, such as sales reporting and transaction history, that she thought could help grow her business.

The Result

By accepting credit cards through mobile payments, Vancouver In The Box has expanded their customer base. They are now able to pack for commercial companies that prefer to pay by credit card. This has had an extremely positive effect on their sales. Vancouver In The Box has seen a remarkable 20% increase in revenue in only one short year after signing up with Payfirma.

And, since 80% of their transactions are processed by credit card, they are no longer wasting time tracking down NSF cheques. This allows Limor the time to work on growing her business, which Payfirma helps her do with reporting.

By partnering with Payfirma, Vancouver In The Box, has seen incredible growth and is well on its way to growing even more this year.

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