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Savoury Chef

“We chose Payfirma because of their user-friendly product, outstanding service, and competitive rates. In total, training our staff took no more than two hours and we now use Payfirma daily for our transactions.”
— Kyle Nordman, Co-Founder of Savoury Chef

The Background

Savoury Chef is a high-end catering and event company based in Vancouver, B.C. whose mission is to create memorable dining experiences for their customers. Their mantra, “fresh, local, seasonal”, is brought to life in their diverse menus for everything from private dinners, holiday galas, and weddings to high-profile productions – including two consecutive Cirque du Soleil tour stops in Vancouver. With their bookings ramping up, Savoury Chef’s payment process couldn’t keep up with their large amount and high volume of transactions. They needed a streamlined payment process that could support their growing business, which they found in Payfirma.

The Challenge

Savoury Chef’s rapid growth and increased processing highlighted the need for a scalable payment solution that would simplify the way they bill their customers. Their daily processing demand was normal for a growing business where you see large transactions, and a lot of them. On some days, the Savoury Chef team would put through a payment every 5 minutes for their deliveries and bookings.

The problem with their situation was that only a handful of employees were able to put payments through. Their payments system wasn’t built to accommodate the volume of transactions coming through in such a small period of time.

With this realization, Savoury Chef knew they needed to shore up their payment processes and ensures that their next payment solution would have a positive impact on their business goals. Their goals were to shorten their sales cycle, increase the flow of their accounts receivables, and find a better way to use technology in their daily operations to simplify billing.

We always strive to be one step ahead of the curve and now Payfirma is helping us do that.

The Solution

Savoury Chef discovered a way to simplify their payment processing and continue to deliver a quality experience to all their customers.

After hearing about Payfirma from friends, the media, and even at a Vancouver Whitecaps game, Savoury Chef decided to get to know the company a little better to see what they they are all about.

With their newly realized goals, Savoury Chef came up with a defined idea of what they needed in a payment solution to improve their current situation and prepare for future growth.

Payfirma fit the bill. The advantage of Payfirma was that Savoury Chef got user-friendly products that were accessible to their entire staff at competitive rates with outstanding customer service. To get that from a traditional payment processor or from separate companies for each payment need would have cost them ten times more.

Today, Savoury Chef uses Payfirma’s Web Terminal and the mobile payment app with a credit card reader to accept payments from their customers off-site and back at the
office. Each staff member, depending on their permissions, can take a payment, helping their team share the load of processing transactions which is something they didn’t have before.

Implementation was so easy that it only took them about two hours to train their entire staff on how to use the new solutions and how to best incorporate them into their daily operations.

The Result

Payfirma helped simplify a vital piece of Savoury Chef’s payment process. By taking credit card payments while out on deliveries and back at the office through the web terminal – both solutions used by the whole team – they are achieving their goals of shortening their sales cycle, increasing their billing efficiency and helping boost their revenue.

As part of their full-service catering packages, Savoury Chef offers a fully licensed mobile bar. Savoury Chef’s bar staff plans to use iPads with the Payfirma payments app to serve patrons at their mobile bar. This will help streamline transactions and allow their staff to focus on what they do best – providing great service!

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