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Nurse Next Door

“We chose Payfirma as we found their rates are better than other providers and their customer service is outstanding. ‎In the 5 years we have been a customer there has never been any down time. Over the past several years, we have recommended Payfirma to many companies.”
— Kim Kendrick. Nurse Next Door Richmond/White Rock/South Surrey

The Background

The Richmond location of Nurse Next Door launched in 2009 and currently has 130 employees. Nurse Next Door Richmond’s talent is caring and are focused on making lives better – for their clients and their employees.

They are a unique home care organization that focuses on more than just providing clinical health care needs. They also look for ways to improve their clients’ happiness, dreams and goals.

Their home care services offer a full range of medical and non-medical services for all ages in homes and facilities; ranging from a few hours a week of caring companionship and housekeeping to care from a registered nurse. Nurse Next Door also has a focus on corporate wellness programs and flu vaccination clinics.

The Challenge

One of Nurse Next Door’s keys goal is to provide the best experience possible to all of their customers. They pride themselves on their caring talent, but their payment processing was not built to complement and support that key goal of providing a great customer experience. Their payment processing system required in-field staff to phone-in client credit card information to an office staff member who would need to manually enter the credit card numbers into their point of sale and then hand write receipts. This process was time consuming and tedious.

Our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible. We pride ourselves on our caring talent, and Payfirma is helping us meet the standards we hold ourselves to.

The Solution

After an analysis of Payfirma versus their provider at the time, Payfirma’s rates were lower. Along with that and great customer service, Payfirma’s business objectives were aligned with Nurse Next Door, making Payfirma the right choice. Kim Kendrick, owner of Nurse Next Door Richmond, White Rock and South Surrey stated they pride themselves on their level of caring and they found that Payfirma helps them to live up to that standard.

The Result

For the last 5 years, Nurse Next Door has been using Payfirma to process payments twice a month. They use the web terminal to process any payment when customers call in to pay an invoice. Their customers love the new receipt layout and the ability to receive it by email.

Processing with Payfirma has made payments much more efficient for Nurse Next Door and it closes the loop on giving their customers a great experience.

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