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Haven Home ClimateCare

“Payfirma helps us collect payments on location as soon as the work is completed, keeping our high standards and dedication to first class service consistent from beginning to end.”
— André Soucy. Haven Home ClimateCare

The Background

Family owned and operated Haven Home ClimateCare, located in Kingston, Ontario will make sure you don’t lose your cool this summer. Their motto is “Making your home a Haven” and they stand behind it. They provide residential installation and service for heating or cooling systems, indoor air quality and fireplaces. As the first Ontario contractor to be TSSA Certified, Haven Home ClimateCare exceeds provincial standards in safety, knowledge and customer service.

Making it easy for clients to do business with Haven Home ClimateCare is a top priority and it is what separates them from the competition. They go the extra mile in customer experience including confirmation on every appointment, a pre-visit email setting the stage for the Comfort Advisor visit, and post install welcome packages. Haven Home ClimateCare has high standards of work quality in the field and they continue to improve their customer experience by adopting new technologies.

The Challenge

Haven Home’s biggest challenge, like others in their line of work, is collecting payments. After a work order was completed, it took a significant amount of time to collect receivables. Clients had to either go to the Haven Home office to pay or dictate their credit card information over the phone with a rep. They didn’t want to chase customers for payments, they wanted the payment immediately in the bank. As a company that prides itself on customer service, Haven Home ClimateCare needed a solution that made it simple for customers to pay right when the job was done.

The Solution

Haven Home ClimateCare is committed to staying ahead of the competition and standing out by providing better customer service. After hearing about Payfirma, they considered using the mobile payment solution.

Now, Haven Home ClimateCare is able to take mobile payments in the field. Payfirma helps service and installation teams collect payment on-site as soon as the work is completed. Haven Home is able to maintain their high standards and show their clients their commitment to first class customer service consistent from beginning to end.

The Result

Haven Home ClimateCare has been using Payfirma for a year and a half now. The simplicity of taking payments in the field is bringing down their receivables by allowing them to complete transactions as soon as the work is complete. It helps Haven Home ClimateCare get paid quicker, saves them time once spent accounting for receivables and allows them to provide a great customer experience.

Mobile payments are helping Haven Home ClimateCare to run efficiently, provide a great customer experience and grow their business.

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