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Toronto Based eLiaise Improves Client Billing

“Payfirma meets all of our needs and wants. We prefer to partner with businesses that are solution-based and employ people who genuinely love to support development and growth. Payfirma fits the bill.”
— Liza Magcale. President, eLiaise Inc.

The Background

Liza Magcale began her professional career as an Executive Assistant. Like many corporate Executive Assistants in her position, she was responsible for her role as well as managing the different functions of administrative support that came along with it.

The problem here is that not every company can afford to have an extensive administration staff, nor can one person do it all.

So what did Liza do? Like any good entrepreneur she decided to solve the problem. In 2004, she founded eLiaise, a professional services company to help businesses with their administrative challenges.

eLiaise builds customized programs; filling roles on demand for office administration such as Executive Assistants and Receptionists.They provide high-touch service with the goal of helping their clients with demanding administrative tasks.

eLiaise began using Payfirma’s software in August 2014 and have since watched their company’s growth quickly expand.

The Challenge

Multi-currency was a key concern for eLiaise. Wanting to accept payments from clients across the globe, checks no longer proved to be a cost effective or efficient form of payment.

It became clear to eLiaise that electronic payments would be the quickest and most viable option. Finding a payment processor that allowed eLiaise to accept online payments in a fast and affordable way and in multiple currencies turned out to be a big challenge.

eLiaise bills clients three times a month, so finding a platform that could provide reliable scheduled payments was key to seeing their business succeed.

The complicated solutions Liza found online during her research of payment processing systems just weren’t cutting it. “Other solutions were more complicated and had higher set up costs, monthly fees, and transaction fees”. Inflated transaction fees, high set up costs and monthly fees were just a few of the obstacles that stood in Liza’s way.

We are not only saving money in processing fees, but we are earning monthly credits for our CIBC banking fees.

The Solution

Liza discovered Payfirma when she looked to CIBC and Intuit for payment processor recommendations.From the start, Payfirma met all of eLiaise’s needs and wants, including their need to integrate with their existing accounting and bookkeeping software, QuickBooks. Payfirma plays nicely with eLiaise’s existing tools saving Liza and her team a lot of time reconciling client invoices.

Trust is an important factor in any business relationship. When eLiaise bills their clients and processes a transaction, their company name and information shows up on the receipt, not a third party payments company.

Lastly, eLiaise was able to get setup quickly with the help of payment support experts. In one month, their new payment system was integrated to their accounting software, and their entire team was trained and ready to onboard new clients.

The Result

Using Payfirma’s solutions, Web Terminal, Mobile and Customer Vault, eLiaise can accept payments faster and more conveniently than ever before. eLiaise also saves time using Payfirma’s integration with QuickBooks.

In addition to saving money in card processing fees, they’re also gaining monthly credits thanks to Payfirma’s merchant service relationship with CIBC.

Now with Payfirma, eLiaise can accept secure payments wherever their clients are: online or at the office. This positively impacts their cash flow, and the feedback they receive from their clients is nothing but delightful.

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