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Aussie Pet Mobile

“It’s rewarding to see customers appreciate the quality of service we offer. Payfirma helps us stay true to a high level of customer service.”
— Jean-Guy Lemay. Co-Owner, Aussie Pet Mobile Grand Prairie, AB

The Background

Aussie Pet Mobile is the world’s largest mobile pet grooming franchise. They provide a convenient, affordable, reliable and efficient service to pet owners, maintaining and achieving their pets’ best well-being. Aussie Pet Mobile uses environmentally friendly products and brings a highly organized professional approach to mobile pet grooming. They pride themselves on their innovative pet-friendly mobile design including a heated hydrobath, and the Aussie Pet Mobile 15 Step Spa Grooming service which assures a complete and comfortable experience for each pet.

Since 1996, the Aussie Pet Mobile franchise has grown to keep pets clean and cute internationally, expanding their world class pet services to more cities across North America, Asia, Europe, the UK and of course Australia.

Jean-Guy Lemay and Chris Puls are the owners of the Aussie Pet Mobile Grand Prairie, AB franchise. They saw a need in their community for a mobile pet grooming service. After looking at either starting from scratch or buying into a franchise, Jean-Guy and Chris chose to purchase an Aussie Pet Mobile franchise to fulfil the pet grooming need in their community. After starting services at limited hours, Jean-Guy and Chris grew their business quickly, now with a bigger team of groomers operating 9 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Challenge

As a mobile business, Aussie Pet Mobile Grand Prairie needed a mobile payment solution allowing them to take payments for their service anywhere they went.

Part of the challenge was finding a low cost mobile payments solution that wouldn’t require them to purchase more equipment.

Payfirma’s competitive rates and monthly fees were a big factor when it came to choosing a payment provider for us.

The Solution

Jean-Guy and Chris found Payfirma through a referral from the Aussie Pet Mobile head office. Payfirma’s competitive rates and monthly fees were a big factor when it came to choosing a payment provider.

Lower rates, along with an easy to use iPad app for processing payments meant Jean-Guy and Chris could stop spending on equipment rentals for mobile payments while they keep their operating costs to a minimum.

The Result

With Payfirma, Aussie Pet Mobile Grand Prairie provides a convenient service, integrating mobile payments with the use of modern technology for their clients, even reducing unnecessary paper waste thanks to emailed receipts.

Overall, they have seen a positive response with their customers. Although there is still the odd customer not used to mobile payments, Aussie Pet Mobile are hopeful new customers will grow to trust this reliable payment method.

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