Customer Story: Q&A With ROKstraps Canada using Mobile Payments

ROKstraps Canada is a Vancouver-based company that designs and manufactures specialty tie down straps and stretch dog leashes. They sell motorcycle and ATV straps, pack straps and contractor grade straps directly to customers and wholesale for retail distribution.

We sat down with owner Sheldon Young who just wrapped up a Motorcycle Show trip that hit up Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. In the 15 minutes he had to spare, we get an inside look into the business, how he uses technology to boost sales, and what’s next for the World’s Best Stretch Strap.

So tell me about “The Ultimate Stretch Strap”

ROKstraps are the brainchild of an Australian engineer Gary McCay. During his university studies into eye injuries, Gary became aware of the utterly horrific dangers posed by conventional elastic cords and ”bungees”. And ROKstraps was born.

We makes specialty tie down straps and stretch dog leashes. Our mission is to introduce the market to a higher quality alternative that is stronger, safer and more durable than what is available.

What made you decide to bring ROK straps to Canada?

We found that almost everything in the market was cheap, nasty, poorly designed, very plain and more often very dangerous.

What urged you to look into mobile payments?

I have a couple of hundred stores across Canada that carry our products and was only able to accept cheques. It became a problem always having to follow up with stores to remind them to send a cheque. Having the ability to accept credit cards ensures that I get paid right away so I am not acting as a bank for my clients. So much better for my cash flow.

Did you do your homework when searching for mobile payment options?

You bet I did. I heard about a company called Square that did phone payments. As I dug deeper, I found you guys [Payfirma] and learned you were a local company and more focused on growing with my business, which I really liked.

How do you like taking payments on a phone?

It’s great. I use my iPhone to accept credit cards at trade shows, which has been a big advantage to my company. I also save on the Wi-Fi fees that the shows charge exhibitors since I simply use my phone’s data.

Do you think mobile is the way of the future?

Absolutely. I tell everyone that I deal with about mobile payments, especially at trade shows. I have always had positive feedback from customers when I process their card at shows. The technology seems to surprise people but I have never had anyone have an issue with it. I guess people are ready for it!

What’s next for you?

ROKstraps Canada has launched a new line of Commuter Straps designed to safely secure items to your bicycle, electric bike or moped.

Check out this cool video they did:Watch out for their line of dog collars coming in the Spring! Follow ROKstraps news and events on Twitter:@ROKstrapsCanada and on their website: