Jane wants to help you accept payments the way your customers want to pay.

Store credit cards on file. Accept payments online.

Jane and Payfirma have joined forces to offer a simple, more flexible payment system exclusively for Jane clients. This means you can store customer cards on their profile, accept booking pre-payments online, and send e-invoices to customers for outstanding balances – all within one, easy-to-use tool.

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What's Included


Store credit cards on file

With Payfirma’s Customer Vault feature, you securely store customer credit card information directly in their profile, making it faster and easier for your staff to process payments.


Get paid when appointments are booked

With the Jane-Payfirma integration, you’re able to accept credit card pre-payments for online booking. You get better clinic cash flow and reduce payment administration both onsite and after service.


Let customers pay the way they want

Today’s consumer want a choice in the way they pay. Whether it’s debit or credit at the counter or online payments before or after service, they want to pay when and how it works for them. Everyone wins!


Get help when you need it

Payfirma is the only payments company that makes customer service a top priority. We spend 2X the industry average, answer the phone when it rings, and have a 94% customer satisfaction rating. We’ve got your back!

A note from Alison Taylor, Clinic Owner and Co-Founder of Jane

Since 2010, we looked around for a long time for a company that would accommodate both online and in person transactions and everything seemed so complicated. Two different accounts, different rates, complicated fees, and statements… Finally, we found Payfirma. They are doing some magic to get everything on a single account and offering some very competitive rates.

Here’s what you need to know about rates.

Most payment processing companies (banks and typical processors) are quoting you a “Base Rate”. This is the 1.6% you see on the posters in the bank’s windows, or the number quoted to you by the salesperson on the phone. But that’s not really what you pay. The base rate doesn’t include all the other fees that get tacked on to that base rate. Every points card costs extra (the bank charges extra rates to pay for the benefits provided to the card owner); there are often per transaction fees and monthly fees. And remember what I said about online transactions before? Typically that’s a whole other set of fees to manage the risk of what the processing industry calls “Card not Present” transactions (ex. when a customer pays with a credit card on file), which carry an inherently higher risk of fraud.

What that means is that your actual rate you pay for processing fees is never the same as what the poster in the window says.

At Jane, we value simplicity. We want to be clear on what you’re paying when you sign up. It’s why we don’t charge for text reminders or support and why everyone gets every update. So we wanted our payment processing rates to reflect that value.

Instead of adding on fees all over the place, Payfirma has been able to provide Jane clients with a flat rate for your Visa and Mastercard processing.

This means there’s nothing extra and you know exactly what your costs will be. We worked with Payfirma to find a rate that reflected all of these fees and we consolidated into one set rate for Visa and Mastercard transactions (Debit is a not for profit so with Jane, the transaction rate is a simple pass-through charge).

Payfirma has also made the sign-up process very simple and has a little more magic up their sleeves if you are currently in a contract but would like to make the switch.

Alison Taylor – Clinic owner &, Co-Founder of Jane


Sign up for a Jane account, and you’ll be asked along the way if you want to open a Payfirma account. We look forward to having you.

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