Start Accepting Apple Pay


Your customers will enjoy the convenience of paying with their mobile device,
and you get paid in seconds.


    • What is Apple Pay?
      A mobile wallet that allows customers to add their payment card to their iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch and use the device to purchase items.
    • How does it work?
      Consumers add their credit cards or Interac debit cards to Apple’s mobile wallet, verify their identity with fingerprint ID, and tap their phone to an enabled terminal to make a purchase.
    • How much is it going to cost me?
      Your rates will remain exactly the same. Accepting a physical Visa card will cost you the same as accepting a “virtual” Visa card on the consumer’s mobile wallet.
    • What if my customers don’t have Apple Pay?
      40% of Canadians have iPhones, and 75% of major Canadian retailers accept contactless payments. More and more of your consumers will be using Apple Pay as mobile payments continue to increase in popularity.
    • How secure this is?
      It’s completely secure! Apple Pay encrypts credit card information for each transaction so sensitive data never leaves the consumer’s device, and each purchase requires either a TouchID or passcode.
    • Why should I accept Apple Pay?
      We’ve seen first-hand that merchants who accept payments in multiple ways increase their sales and grow much faster. Payfirma makes it simple to add another payment channel to your business and start accepting Apple Pay. In addition, your consumers are craving convenient and faster experiences and will gravitate towards methods that simplify and speed up payments. Apple Pay is a super simple way for your customers to pay – and they can leave their wallets at home!


  • How do I start accepting Apple Pay?
    If you already have a terminal, there’s no effort required on your end. Your customer simply taps their iPhone on the terminal to pay, just like they would their contactless credit card. If you don’t have a terminal, don’t worry, we’ll set up with one. Just click the link below to schedule a call with our Customer Success team.


“I had no idea I could even accept Apple Pay, but thanks to Payfirma, my point of sale was already set up and ready to accept the payment without any effort. It just worked!”

John Baik – Owner, Gateway Newsstand.

If you want to add a terminal or have any questions about Apple Pay, click below to schedule a call with our Customer Success Team.

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