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Global Environmental Lighting Increases Cash Flow with Payfirma

“The process of taking payments on an iPad which all staff carry with them is seamless. And being able to send an email receipt to our customers from whatever location we are at is a real bonus.”
— Brian Bury, President, Global Environmental Lighting

The Background

Global Environmental Lighting has been in business for over 30 years, helping customers reduce their energy costs and environmental impact through intelligent lighting designs and controls.

They have a staff of 7 and handle many large lighting installations up to $500,000.

The Challenge

The biggest problem Global Environmental Lighting saw was with their cash flow. They wanted to receive payments right away instead of waiting for cheques to clear, which in some cases would take over 30 days.

They also found that larger companies and government agencies had a separate budget for credit cards. Since Global Environmental Lighting wasn’t accepting credit cards at the time, they had to turn potential customers away.

With Payfirma we have managed to get paid faster and have better control of our receivables. Plus, we are now able to service those customers that want to pay by credit card.

The Solution

Global Environmental Lighting wanted a system that would be easy to use and where payments could be taken anywhere, without having to carry around some sort of bulky device.

Today, Brian Bury, President, and his team carry around their phones and iPads and are able to enter in their customers credit card information and accept payments right on the spot. Brian stated the importance of using a simple system, “In the service business, the less we carry the more efficient we operate.”

Being able to accept payments anywhere over the phone, entering credit card information on an iPad and emailing the customer their receipt, all while at the job site, were all things Global Environmental Lighting wanted in a payment processor and found with Payfirma.

The Result

Brian states that since signing up with Payfirma they’ve seen many benefits. But the biggest benefit they see is through cash flow. Over the last year, they’ve seen significant growth, so getting paid immediately has played an important role in business operations running smoothly.

Special Offer From Global Environmental Lighting: Visit and mention Payfirma to receive a free energy analysis and report for your premises.

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