Boosting Business With Payments Part 2: Mobile

In Part 1 we explored the potential of credit & debit cards for boosting your business. Once you have the power to process cards, venturing into different methods of accepting electronic payments is easy. Mobile transactions is the latest method that businesses are using to accept payments anywhere. You can now step out from behind the counter and process payments anywhere in your store or on the road.


Shoppers today refuse to wait in line for longer than five minutes and checkout times can make or break sales goals. Even if they are getting a deal, customers won’t wait in long lines. By deploying card readers and mobile debit devices to their sales team, businesses are able to capitalize on the advantages of quick checkouts.

A customer can pick up an item from a shelf and pay for it on the spot with a salesperson that is equipped with a mobile device. It saves time and provides a great experience. It is as simple as increasing sales by processing more sales more often. This is how Apple is outselling most other retailers that deal with chronic line up issues.

Mobile transactions make the transaction a part of the conversation rather than an endpoint. Its strengthens relationships with your customers and keeps them coming back.

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