Team Member Tuesday-Meet Kim

Payfirma’s mission is to deliver a global payment platform that is a natural extension of every growing business.

Because of the outstanding team here at Payfirma, that mission is taking shape. Every single person at Payfirma plays a vital role in seeing that mission become a reality. We want to share that team with you.

Every Tuesday on our blog we’re going to feature one of our fantastic team members. To kick off our first Team Member Tuesday we’d like to introduce you to Payfirma veteran, Kim.

Kim and her prize, a custom Canucks hockey jersey, after winning the hockey pool! 


Kim celebrates her 4th year with Payfirma this year. To the Payfirma staff, Kim is our office mom. She goes out of her way to make sure we have plenty of yummy snacks, cleans up our dishes and will even go to Wal Mart to buy new employees Nerf Guns.

To the Payfirma customers, Kim is a friend. Kim strives to educate Payfirma customers on payments so they can walk away feeling confident and empowered. She’s also known to lend an ear when a customer needs one; she can be overheard gabbing with customers about everything from raising kids to wedding planning. Kim cares and it shows.

Q&A With Kim

Name: Kim

Payfirma Role: Manager of Client Services

Unofficial Payfirma Role: Glue…Office Mom

How Long Have You Worked At Payfirma?: 4 years

Hometown: Cornwall

First Job: Fortune Cookie Cutter

Dogs or Cats: Allergic

Apple or Android: Blackberry

Facebook or Instagram: #likemyphotos

3 words that describe you: Motherly, Witty, Loyal

If you could have one superpower what would it be?: Invisibility

Any Hidden Talents?: Keeping all Payfirmites fed