Team Member Tuesday – Meet Kevin

Kevin Byers just celebrated his 1 year anniversary with Payfirma. He started as a Customer Service rep and quickly moved into the position of Operations Analyst. He loves Lego (you should see his Simpsons collection) Ms Taylor Swift, afternoon Starbucks coffee and candy; especially sour keys.

Team Member Tuesday

Q & A With Kevin

Name: Kevin

Payfirma Role: Operations Analyst

How Long Have You Worked At Payfirma?: 1 year

Hometown: New Westminister

First Job: Safeway

Dogs or Cats: Puppies

Apple or Android: Apple

Facebook or Instagram: Neither

Batman or Superman: Batman!

3 words that describe you: Stupendous, Handsome, Humble

If you could meet someone in history who would it be and why: Taylor Swift

If you could have any superpower what would it be? Control animals, specifically flocks of birds

Where would you hide an elephant?: In a trunk

Any Hidden Talents?: Some people say my singing voice is just like James Blunt