Team Member Tuesday-Meet Anny

Meet Anny. She’s been working with Payfirma for over 3 years and has grown with the company. She started as an intern and is now our Senior On-boarding Specialist.

She is young at heart and can usually be found with a smile on her face but don’t be fooled, she also kicks butt. Anny loves to be adventurous, try new things and would love to do more exploring of the local mountains. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you she’s an absolute pleasure to work with.


Q & A With Anny 

Name: Anny

Payfirma Role: Senior On-Boarding Specialist

How Long Have You Worked At Payfirma?: 3 years + 1 month

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

First Job: Tour guide

Dogs or Cats: Dogs

Apple or Android: Apple

Facebook or Instagram: Facebook

3 words that describe you: Open-minded, Friendly, Smiley

If you could meet someone in history who would it be and why: Walt Disney because I love Disneyland and the characters

Where would you hide an elephant?: Ocean

Any Hidden Talents?: Falling (She recently was climbing at The Hive and broke her ankle…Luckily, she survived!)