Store Multiple Credit Cards With Payfirma

Since the Payfirma Customer Vault feature was opened up to merchants, we’ve been asked repeatedly to build out card management features to make recurring payments even easier. It seemed as though multiple card storage was at the top of a lot of businesses wish list. Well we heard you guys loud and clear. With the hard work of our devoted development team, we’re excited to announce the addition of multi-card storage to our amazing payment platform!

Multiple credit cards per customer

Merchants using the Customer Vault feature within Payfirma’s Recurring Billing and Web Terminal solution can now store up to 5 different credit cards on each customer profile instead of being limited to a single card. You can update a customer’s default card at any time and select which saved card to use when charging a customer.

We’re already hard at work at the next step of the multi-card roll out which will enable multiple card storage on your eCommerce website using our payment API.

Stay tuned!