Customer Story: Stellar Hoods Hits The Streets With Mobile Payment


Fashion isn’t always just about the clothes. For Megan Zee, Owner and Designer of Stellar Hoods, fashion was an opportunity to build a business and turn her passion into a full-time job.

Stellar Hoods is an accessory business specializing in designing hood-scarves, which can be tied and worn in 15 different ways. It started simply with some free time and a sewing machine. Megan was sewing pieces for herself, but before she knew it, she had friends asking her to make them pieces, and their friends asking, and well you know what happens next… Stellar Hoods is born!

To grow her business, Megan explored opportunities to showcase her work at craft shows and events all over Canada, attending the One of A Kind Show and the Make it! Craft Fairs. With increased demand and a growing fan-base, she wanted to cater to her customers’ needs by ensuring a convenient shopping experience through credit card acceptance.

With her customers in mind, Megan looked to mobile payments as solution to her problem. Megan says, “I did plenty of research on several merchant service companies including Payfirma. Their mobile app had several features that made them attractive for my business: low transaction rates, low setup fees, and the winning feature was the convenience and high capabilities of the iPhone app and card reader.”

Since then, Megan has been wild for mobile payments! She says, “My customers love it and are consistently impressed with the app, and it has been an extremely easy system for my business to adopt. I love when customers want to pay with plastic because I get to show off how amazing the app is!”

It is the perfect solution for Stellar Hoods, and other designers out there looking for an affordable andchic solution to payment processing.

Check out Megan at one of her shows giving you the rundown on how easy it is to accept credit cards on your mobile phone.If you’re in Calgary this weekend, pay Megan a visit and grab one of her stellar hoods at the Calgary Market Collective going on December 17-18th.