5 Ways Payfirma Puts Customer Experience First

People who want to work in Customer Experience roles want to work for a company that valued the customer experience.

BUT, every company says they value customer service. How do you know when they mean it?

Every company out there will tell you that customer service is their #1 priority. At Payfirma, our actions speak louder than words; customer experience is the forefront of everything we do. Here are five ways that Payfirma isn’t just saying they mean it, but showing it:

1. Authentic human interactions

When you call into the Payfirma Support line, you’ll be treated like a long-time friend. We don’t use scripts or macros, because we think genuine interactions are worth more than policies. When Payfirma hires new support team members, we hire for empathy and personality, and we train for knowledge. No offence to R2D2, but no robots allowed here!

2. Speedy replies

We call it, The Rule of Two. Emails get an answer within two business hours, and you’ll have a human on the phone within two minutes. We get it. When it comes to your money and your business, you don’t have time to wait.

3. More than just an answer

It’s important to us that your business succeeds. If we have a suggestion for how you can save time and accelerate your business using Payfirma products and services, we’ll definitely let you know! We’re in the trenches with you and your win is our win.

4. Multichannel support

We know businesses want to offer their customers more than one way to make payments: it’s the multichannel edge. Our customer success philosophy is no different. It’s Payfirma Support, YOUR way. If you prefer phone, text, email, live chat or even in-person visits to the office, we’re here for you.

5. Have questions? Visit our New Support Center!

We’re excited to launch our new Support Center to assist you in getting the answers you need even faster. Whether you’re just getting started with Payfirma, or trying out something new, we have the right information for you.

Check out support.payfirma.com today, and let us know what you think!