Customer Story: Beta5 Mixes It Up With Mobile Payment

What makes the best chocolate?

It’s not the cocoa. It’s not the eggs. It’s the passion behind and attention involved in each bars creation. Jess Rosinski, co-owner of Beta5 Chocolates is lactose intolerant, but that doesn’t stop her and partner Adam Chandler from creating the most outrageous and sinful bars in town.

Beta5 Chocolates is a Vancouver-based confectionary that creates small batch egg-less artisanal chocolates, baked goods, and preserves. Their philosophy is to use only the freshest ingredients to create innovative products with unique flavors and forms. Beta5 is a different kind of chocolate shop. Their company vision carries strong not only in the confections they create, but also to how they operate as a business. They source only from sustainable produce, use only ethically sourced estate chocolates and support local farms, which is why they looked no further than Canada-grown Payfirma for their payment processing needs.

“I read about Payfirma, and then just called the office one day to ask questions, and ended up having a 30 minute conversation with a payment advisor who walked me through how it all works,” says Jess. “Our payment advisor has been there in person, on the phone, even on text message and that’s incredibly important to us.”

Beta5 has grown tremendously since Adam started cooking at their Strathcona location, most recently with their partnership with another local food stop MEAT & BREAD. With growth like this, they needed an all-in-one payment solution that took care of their store sales, website sales, and anywhere else they could sell their confections. “Payfirma took care of everything – the setup of our traditional PIN-pad, to the mobile payment app, to helping us out with an online payment gateway that was compatible with out web store,” says Jess. “Since then, the vast majority of their sales are through credit and debit card. Payfirma’s full solution helps our business everyday.

So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, stop by their shop at 413 Industrial Ave – only minutes from downtown Vancouver. They’re open Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30am – 5.30pm. You can also purchase a special the MEAT & BREAD Bourbon-Cashew Candy Bar or the MEAT & BREAD Maple-Bacon Candy Bar at one of Meat & Bread’s downtown locations. The custom bar contains a layer of bourbon-cashew caramel on top of a soft malted nougat, is coated with 63% dark chocolate and finished with smoked salt and pork cracklings – absolutely delicious!

To learn more about Beta5 Chocolates and their latest offerings, visit their website at