Infographic: Multichannel Retailing

What do Nasty Gal, Warby Parker and Frank and Oak have in common? They are all retailers that are absolutely killing it when it comes to multichannel retailing.

What is multichannel retailing? It’s really not as complicated as it sounds. “multichannel retailing” simply means the use of many different channels in a customer’s shopping experience, which could even include research before a purchase.

Many retailers that were once brick and mortar only are now going online and likewise retailers that were once soley eCommerce, like our three examples, have now opened physical stores. This is due to the fact that shoppers now demand the ultimate shopping experience; one that allows them to shop anywhere and everywhere.

It also not surprising retailers are “going multichannel” as it can have a positive effect on increasing sales. A retailer that was traditionally only brick and mortar that opens an eCommerce store now has a much wider reach and is now able to take orders online and in-store.

The following infographic from Infographic List outlines trends, key market data, benefits and myths of multichannel retailing.


Tweetable stats

63% of shoppers will use in-store technology including price checkers & self checkout kiosks

45% of US millennials feel multichannel retail is very important

77% of US citizens want the ability to return an online purchase to a physical store if unsatisfied with purchase

16% of US citizens will order a product online in store if a product is physically not present

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