Hume Atelier Using Mobile Payments

Looking for gorgeous, custom-made jewellery? Disenchanted with commercial jewellers or just outright wary of the ethics behind their pieces? Look no further than Hume Atelier, a Vancouver-based bespoke jewellery studio that’s making the world a more beautiful place with one-of-a-kind commissioned works and a dedication to ethical mining and fair trade materials.

Hume Atelier’s stunning jewellery is awe-inspiring on its own, but what makes this business so unique is that founders Kevin and Genevieve Hume also work extensively in international mining policy with organizations such as the US State Department and the United Nations. Their focus? Eliminating conflict minerals and supporting artisanal miners.

With clients in Vancouver, New York and Paris, Hume Atelier’s founders are always on the go. We were lucky to catch Genevieve (in between flights!) to learn more about Hume Atelier and how Payfirma’s mobile payments are empowering this business to sell their work locally and around the globe.

Genevieve, tell us about your business? Where did it begin and where is it now?

Hume Atelier began in 2006 with Kevin building jewellery in a shed in my parents’ backyard. Today we build custom jewellery out of a private studio for our clients around the world. We are also passionate about mining policy.

For us, being a responsible company means going beyond providing ethically sourced materials for our clients. We are a very small company (there are only two of us… and our dog), so we understand that if we want to make a difference, we need to change the system.

We want to change our industry. Ultimately, we don’t want our clients to come to us because we are a socially responsible company. We want our clients to come to us because they love our jewellery.

Where did you hear about Payfirma?

A client in the startup community told us when Payfirma was launching.  We were one of Payfirma’s earliest customers and we’ve been processing with them for 3 years.

What Payfirma products are you currently using and how often do you process?

We use Payfirma for mobile payments, which allows us to take credit card payments in our Vancouver studio or wherever our work takes us. We choose to build a limited volume of exclusive work so we process fewer than 10 payments a month, but these purchases are significant.

What made you pick Payfirma for your payment processing over the competition?

We chose Payfirma because they were the first mobile payment option in Canada. Since then we have had such a great experience with their customer service. What I find remarkable about calling Payfirma is that not only are they incredibly responsive – I’ve never had to wait to speak with anyone, but they actually sound happy to help me and are very patient. Kim and Angela have both helped me on multiple occasions. Being on a first name basis with someone in customer service is virtually unheard of today.

How does Payfirma help your business?

Our clients are making very significant purchases, and Payfirma allows for seamless transactions. It is so important to us that we are able to take exceptional care of our clients and Payfirma helps us do that by ensuring our clients can make purchases with ease of mind.

How has your business grown since processing with Payfirma?

Our work takes us all over the world. As our international client base grows, Payfirma allows us to be able to care for our clients regardless of where we are at any given moment.

To learn more about Hume Atelier visit or follow them on twitter: @humeatelier.