Tips for Ecommerce Part 4: The Checkout

The task of opening up an online store is quite different from opening a physical one. In this blog series we will provide tips for building or optimizing an eCommerce store to ensure your team’s success.

Tip #4: Checkout

Did you know about 70% of carts are abandoned during the checkout process?

The key is simplify your checkout. Try and avoid using an off-site checkout. Taking your customer away from your website to complete a purchase jeopardizes security and trust, putting them at risk. All customers want a seamless shopping experience, so design a checkout experience that even less tech savvy customers will be comfortable with.

If you don’t have the resources to implement a checkout within your website, pick an eCommerce processor that can provide a secure hosted checkout that is user-friendly.

If your customers must go through more than 5 steps to buy something from your site, you’re asking for too much. Keep it simple.

To learn more about how to create a successful eCommerce store, download the Merchant’s Guide to Building an eCommerce Store.