Customer Success: How RTOWN Uses Payfirma to Grow Their Business

Luke Aulin is the Mayor of RTOWN, a marketing and digital strategy startup based in Vancouver, BC. RTOWN’s mission is to help 10,000 local businesses each increase their revenues by $1,000,000. Sound ambitious? We think this guy and his team are up to the challenge!

We’re proud to work with RTOWN because they share Payfirma’s passion for helping businesses build their dreams. This week, we caught up with Luke to learn  how Payfirma is helping RTOWN achieve their business goals.

Tell us about your business? Where did it begin and where is it now?

RTOWN exists to help local businesses succeed. We provide Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions; a full suite of products and services to help local business eat big businesses’ lunch! We began in Vancouver with one customer; then we decided to incorporate a company. Our customer base has rapidly grown and we’re now in half a dozen markets in BC and servicing customers all over North America.

Where did you hear about Payfirma?

We did our research. Being from Vancouver, it was important to seek out a local company – so long as the product met all of our needs.

How long have you been processing with Payfirma?

Since day one; almost a year now.

How does your team use Payfirma within your business day to day?

We use the web portal dashboard to process our customer’s credit card purchases everyday. We haven’t adopted mobile POS yet, but we will consider it as we grow our field sales team. We also sell products and services on a subscription basis and bill our clients monthly using Payfirma’s recurring billing.

What made you choose Payfirma?

The primary driver was cost to process credit cards. Payfirma, through its partners, had the best starting credit card rates compared to the competition we reviewed. The second most important driver was the automated recurring payments feature. It was very important for us not to have to enter our customer’s purchases every month. Most importantly, RTOWN runs a high volume of transactions – so the solution had to scale to fit our needs. Payfirma absolutely met this.

What are the top goals/objectives your business?

RTOWN’s audacious mission is to help 10,000 local businesses each increase their revenues by $1,000,000. Our goal right now is to partner with as many local business owners, make RTOWN the primary extension of their digital marketing business and drive customers into our client’s doors. Payfirma helps us do this for our clients by ensuring that RTOWN is paid on a timely, recurring basis.

Did Payfirma help your business overcome any challenges?

Yes – we were trying to tie our back office systems (accounting platform, CRM, payment gateway) together into one seamless platform. We brought this challenge to Payfirma and the support team was great at jumping on this and providing the necessary solution. As I understand from my team, this is working like a charm now!

Since using Payfirma how has your business grown?

I see Payfirma’s value on the cost side of our business. It keeps our processing costs down while meeting the technical needs of how we process transactions with our clients. It’s also great to experience the customer support from Payfirma – in a commoditized space, Payfirma has stood out for us!

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