Aim for an Unforgettable Customer Experience

In the past couple of years, customer service has been a pain point of business operations. With more companies focusing on generating sales and revenue, customer service is forgotten. We hate to say it but customers have gotten used gotten used to “OK” customer service. Satisfactory service is expected and your customers are service-jaded. To jolt them back to life and help you stand out from your competition, you’ve got to focus not on customer satisfaction but on the customer experience. The secret to great customer service is delivering an unexpected customer experience that leaves them with a positive story they’re eager to share.

Stand out from the rest with these three secrets to great customer experience.

1.  Provide Service Before the Sale

When you think about your customer and what you want them to do (typically to make a purchase), think of it in the context of the full customer experience – not just at the point of sale. Provide your prospects with personal access to your company using value content, support resources, a real person to reach out to, free trials etc., and they’ll want to be your customer. It’s pretty much like dating – you’ve got to do the wooing.

2.  Reduce Wait Times

A killer of a great customer experience is waiting. Waiting for service means you’re not easy to business with. Today’s customers are busy – ain’t nobody got time to wait for service. If your company can’t provide quality service in a timely manner, your customer won’t think twice before they go to a competitor. The first step in reducing wait times is knowing your current situation. See where you stand and if your support process is optimized to the max. Make sure your support process is customer-friendly, that you communicate with your customers every step of the way and you’ll have a loyal following of happy customers.

3.  Turn an “Oops!” into a “Wow”

Studies show that customers who have their problem resolved quickly are more loyal than customers who never report a problem. Bad customer service happens to every business – what you do in response is what matters. A great recovery often does more than simply salvage a situation – it can build stronger relationships. The secret to a “wow” experience is taking a bad customer experience and turning it into a win for your team.
Assume responsibility and make a genuine effort. This makes you human – something businesses have a hard time doing. You customers will know there’s a person behind the business who’s making a promise to do better.


Greet your customers a Happy Birthday. Although not one of the three keys of wow-ing your customers, doing this will definitely bring a smile to your customers’ face. AEG Live, the largest producer of sports and music entertainment events, does this for the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA. Every festival goer with an account receives a personalized birthday greeting sending them well wishes with a subtle plug of “we can’t wait to see you next year at Coachella.” Boom. A simple gesture like that is an easy way to delight your customers. And don’t do it because I said so, do it because it works! Every year, the music festival sells out within minutes of going up for sale even though one ticket goes for $500 a pop. Remember that you’re building a community of brand advocates – show them a little love and they’ll return the favor.